Patrick J. McElfresh, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Owner/Director Unity Care, P.C.


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  1. Individual Psychotherapy

  2. Couples Psychotherapy

  3. Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment

Contact Information

224 Penn Ave.

Suite 2A

Pittsburgh, PA 15221


Practice business line: 412-661-5019

Most major insurances accepted

*Cash or check accepted*

Psychotherapy and Psychological Assessment Can Help with Many Concerns:

Feelings of depression, hopelessness, or suicide

Feelings of anxiety, stress, or tension

Difficulties with relationships, intimacy, or sexuality

Having experienced grief/loss, loneliness, or abandonment

Problems with personal identity or life direction

Experiencing phase of life issues

Repeating the same problematic patterns

Distressing thoughts or feelings

Troubles with one’s family, both current and past

Struggling with addictions or other self-destructive behaviors